Pathetic Liar Pelosi Agrees to Scold Rep. Wilson For "You Lie" Outburst

Nancy Pelosi was reportedly told in February 2003 by her intelligence aide, Michael Sheehy, that waterboarding was used on CIA terror detainee Abu Zubaydah.
She later lied about it and said she did not know that the Al-Qaeda terrorists had been waterboarded.

Then at her next press conference in May the Speaker said the CIA were the liars, not her.

Now this pathetic liar has agreed to scold Rep. Joe Wilson for accusing President Obama of lying during his speech to America.

Rep. Wilson called Barack Obama a liar when the president told Americans that illegal immigrants would not be covered under Obamacare.
Rep. Wilson was correct. Democrats voted down amendments that would have blocked illegal immigrants from being covered under their nationalized health plan.


Today, the Senate moved to close an ObamaCare loophole for illegal immigrants that the state-run media claimed didn’t exist.

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