Obama Voted For Infanticide 4 Times… His Nationalized Health Care Plan Will Likely Make It a Policy

Last year abortion survivor Gianna Jessen joined Born Alive Truth in a campaign to shine light on Barack Obama’s horrific record on infanticide. Gianna, who had survived as a baby after being aborted, pointed out that–
Obama voted 4 times to support infanticide:

Already this year, Barack Obama has signed several pieces of abortion legislation including funding foreign abortions. He also signed legislation to use taxpayer money to kill embryos in research. And, democrats are pushing legislation that will force healthcare providers to perform abortions even if it violates their moral or religious convictions.

Barack Obama is the most radical pro-abortion and infanticide president in the last 35 years. Barack Obama even voted 4 times to support infanticide during his political career.

The Vatican already attacked “arrogant” Barack Obama for using taxpayer money to fund foreign abortions.


Just this week the Daily Mail reported that a woman in Great Britain was told it was against the rules under their nationalized health care plan to save her premature baby. Her baby was left to die.

Barack Obama is pushing a similar plan on the American people.
No wonder he wants it.

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