Now… Obama Tries to Push Notion that His Rationed Health Care Plan Will Not Increase Taxes

Obama repeated his unrealistic and dishonest claim on the Sunday talk show’s this morning that his rationed health care program would not raise taxes on anyone in the middle class.
The AP published this ridiculous claim– no questions asked:

President Barack Obama says requiring people to get health insurance and fining them if they don’t would not amount to a backhanded tax increase. “I absolutely reject that notion,” the president said.

Blanketing most of the Sunday TV news shows, Obama defended his proposed health care overhaul, including a key point of the various health care bills on Capitol Hill: mandating that people get health insurance to share the cost burden fairly among all. Those who failed to get coverage would face financial penalties.

Obama said other elements of the plan would make insurance affordable for people, from a new comparison-shopping “exchange” to tax credits.

Telling people to get health insurance is absolutely not a tax increase, Obama told ABC’s “This Week.”

Of course, this is not what Obama said just two years ago.
In a speech he gave in April 2007 Obama said that health care reform “would require tax hikes” and that “savings are just a theory.”

Via Breitbart and Naked Emperor News

Obama also told the state-run media today, “This isn’t a radical plan.”

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