Media Slowly Confirms That Joe Wilson Was Right– Obamacare Will Cover Illegal Immigrants

Joe Wilson was right.
Obamacare will cover illegal immigrants. Dems voted two times already to block proof of citizenship from the bill. This is despite the fact that 83% of Americans say that proof of citizenship should be required to get government health aid.
Now even the mainstream media is forced to report that Obama was dishonest in his address to the nation.
FOX News reported:

Among three House committees to pass bills for health reform, only one expressly bans federal funding for proving health coverage to illegal immigrants.

“The Congressional Research Service has indicated that indeed the bills that are before Congress would include illegal aliens,” Wilson said. “And I think this is wrong.”

Indeed, the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service study found that the House health care bill does not restrict illegal immigrants from receiving health care coverage.

House Republican Minority Leader John Boehner amplified the complaint that without proof of citizenship, illegal immigrants could be insured.

“There were two opportunities for House Democrats to make clear that illegal immigrants wouldn’t be covered by putting in requirements to show citizenships,” he said. “Both of those amendments were, in fact, rejected.”

The real issue here wasn’t that Joe Wilson called Obama a liar.
The real issue was that Obama was not honest.

The New York Post also fact-checked the president and discovered he was not honest with the American public.

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