Leading Dem Blog Loves "Tasteful and Remarkable" Dead Marine Photo …Update: Al-Qaeda Celebrates Photo Too

The AP this week published the image of a dying US Marine in Afghanistan over the objections of the Marine’s family and the Pentagon. Journalist embeds are required to read and agree to a clear set of ground rules forbidding release of names and video of wounded service members without their prior consent.
The AP broke this rule.
The military community is appalled.

But, the Huffington Post thought the AP photo of the dying soldier was “tasteful and remarkable.”

Going back to 2002, I have been writing about the shameful reluctance, even refusal, of U.S. media outlets to carry graphic images of the true cost of our wars, to Americans, in Iraq and Afghanistan — fatally wounded U.S. soldiers and Marines.

Earlier today, the Associated Press — bucking the wishes of the Pentagon and the victim’s family — decided to go ahead and transmit such a photo.

It was not a one-off bit of “sensationalism” but part of a tasteful and remarkable tribute package profiling the dead Marine and the experience of the photographer, Julie Jacobson, who was there to capture his final moments before he was gravely injured. He later died, three weeks ago.

The Huffpo continues to impress.


UPDATE: Al-Qaeda also celebrated the photo.

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