Krauthammer Slams Obama: "What He Was Selling Was Snake Oil" (Video)

Charles Krauthammer slammed “Snake Oil Salesman” Obama last night after his unrealistic and questionable speech on nationalizing health care.

The FOX Nation reported:

HotAirPundit has the transcript:

Krauthammer: “Obama last night sounded smooth, polished, strong and convincing, and what he was selling was snake oil, that was a completely bogus claim. When he talked about what would be in his bill and how he would not end up with a dime of deficit, he said it will cost almost a trillion dollars and the majority of it, more than half, will come from what? from removing waste, fraud and abuse from Medicare. Now that’s an insult to the intelligence of the American people…”

Honestly, does Obama even believe the BS he was dishing out to America on Wednesday?


More… Legal Insurrection has more on the media lies to prop up Obama.

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