HuffPo Writer & Dem Activist David Serota: Glenn Beck Is a Rightwing Terrorist Leading a Rightwing Lynch Mob (Video)

The martyrdom of commie-Truther Van Jones continues…
Huffington Post diarist and Democratic activist David Sirota tells CNN after the Van Jones resignation that Glenn Beck is a “rightwing terrorist” and he’s leading a “rightwing lynch mob.”
The HuffPo writer insisted that commie-Truther Van Jones was smeared.
Yeah… right.

Story Balloon TV reported:

By the Way– Quasi-conservative David Frum gives Gateway Pundit the credit for discovering the Van Jones 911-Truth petition that led to the communist Green Czar’s resignation.

More… Times Watch gave Gateway Pundit a nice plug this weekend, too.

UPDATE: It was a busy day for David Sirota. He later called the GOP a bunch of psychopaths.

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