Bwa-Ha-Ha… FOX News Untouched By Van Jones' Color of Change Boycott

On the other hand… Radical communist-Truther Van Jones is out of the White House and ACORN is banned from receiving taxpayer gift money.
…Give this round to Glenn Beck and FOX News.

The leftist haters at Van Jones’ have failed.
Their boycott of the Glenn Beck Show has not affected the FOX News network. reported:

The campaign by to get companies to boycott Glenn Beck’s Fox News program has been going on for more than a month, and 62 companies have pledged their support and refused to advertise on the program. That is a victory on one level.
Yet, despite a press release yesterday saying the contrary, Fox News continues to be unaffected financially by the boycott.

The release was accompanied by a Huffington Post blog by the group’s founder, James Rucker. From the release.

Well FNC outright disputes this. A spokesperson tells Mediaite, “The Color of Change figures are wildly inaccurate on all fronts – revenue has not been negatively affected in any way.”

Two differing opinions – and Fox is very likely in the right. While companies are pledging to boycott Beck’s show, two simultaneous events are occurring. First, Beck’s show still has advertisers. They may be “Beachbody (creator of P90X Exercise Equipment), Egg Genie and Telebrands (creator of Jupiter Jack)” as Rucker points out in the press release, but they are still there. Beck’s program continues to draw enormous ratings, and advertisers must pay for the wide audience. And it’s not just a month-to-month comparison. When looking year-to-year, FNC at 5pmET is drawing well more than double the amount of viewers it was in 2008 (when the program was America’s Election HQ) – and at times nearly three times as many.

Sorry haters.

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