2nd Boy Beaten on St. Louis School Bus (Video)

For the second time in one week a kid was beaten by thugs on a bus to school in the St. Louis region.
This time the attack occurred in Hazelwood.
The attackers whaled on the child’s head and kicked him in the groin area:

KMOV blog reported:

The child, Corey Branam, says he got off at a stop before his own stop, just so he could get away from the kids. They got off the bus with him and after a little more harrassment, they went their way and Corey walked home.

The Hazelwood School District has refused to release the video despite the parent’s request. Two students at Hazelwood West Middle School were suspended after a beating.
Hat Tip Banafsheh
(Updated- I do not have a reliable source on the race of the attackers.)

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