Unreal!… SEIU Thugs Who Beat a Black Conservative & Smashed a Woman's Face Claim They Were the Real Victims …Update: SEIU Leader Behind Attacks

UPDATE: Meet the Public Service Director of SEIU Local 2000 and Baptist minister Elston McCowan:

You may recognize Elston McGowan. He was one of the thugs who beat Kenneth Gladney last week after the Carnahan town hall meeting. McGowan said Gladney, who is half his size, actually attacked him.
At least two of the other thugs arrested at the town hall were Russ Carnahan supporters.
What a shock.

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Who are you going to believe?… The SEIU thugs or your lying eyes?

It’s like the videos of these Obama-supporting union thugs stomping on an innocent black conservative and smashing a female tea party protester in the face were never posted.

Despite the fact that there are several videos showing SEIU thug violence on Thursday night this dangerous groups claims their members (who were dragged to jail) were the real victims.

The SEIU thugs claim they were the victims and the “teabaggers” were to blame.
From the SEIU blog:

Last night in St. Louis, a Reverend and SEIU member was assaulted at a town hall dedicated to discussing our national healthcare crisis. The incident is being spun by GOP operatives as SEIU thug violence–which couldn’t be further from the truth.

The SEIU Missouri State Council released a statement from Executive Director Brandon Davis today:

[…] The Reverend, a St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter, and others who attended in hopes of a peaceful dialogue about our nation’s healthcare crisis, endured the latest attempt by right-wing fringe groups to hijack the democratic process through violence if necessary. Last night, the Teabaggers‘ violent tactics broke and dislocated the shoulder of the Reverend.

“Let’s be clear: These groups, backed by insurance companies and corporate front groups, want nothing more than to preserve the status quo system of rationing, where HMOs choose doctors, and insurance companies deny us the care we need. Their dearest hope is that by resorting to outrageous charges of Nazism and euthanasia, they can make the American public too afraid to support real reform.

“But SEIU and hardworking women and men all over this country are standing up to their bullying tactics. We deserve a national conversation about how we will fix our failing healthcare system and help make this an economy that works for everyone.”

Three SEIU members were arrested for bashing tea party protesters last Thursday in St. Louis.

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