BUSSED IN UNION GOON BOOED OUT of Rep. Tim Bishop's Town Hall Meeting (Video)

A local union leader was booed out of Rep. Tim Bishop‘s town hall meeting last night in New York.

The town hall protesters did not like what Bishop was dishing out. (Newsday)

Like they tried to do here in St. Louis, union members, many from outside the district, were snuck into the hall in an effort to stack the deck with a friendly audience.
There are reports that as many as three busloads were brought in.

*** Things boiled over when Mr. Mitchell, head of the Long Island Federation of Labor, steps up to the podium and announces that he in fact does not reside within the borders of NY’s First Congressional District.


Gathering of Eagles: NY has an amazing report.
Here’s a photo of the union thugs going after attendees:

Photo credit: Joseph D. Sullivan | A woman calms a union member down during a town hall meeting on health care at Sachem East High School in Farmingville. (Aug. 27, 2009)

More video– the union thugs could not intimidate the town hall protesters:

From the video: Congressman Tim Bishop believes he can pack his town halls with sympathetic unions. Is this the face of Obama’s supporters? The people of NY District 1 don’t buy it! The CWA shirts and other groups were brought to the town hall from outside District 1. Who is John Durso? Why is he trying to upstage this town hall? Wake up America!

Here’s a close up of one of the union members:

CWA- Communication Workers of America

Rep. Bishop left the stage quickly at the end of the meeting, stopping briefly to talk to reporters. He said he thought the meeting was productive. “I hope it was,” he said.

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