Sounds Fishy… Dems Bombard Public With Disinformation on Obamacare

This weekend Barack Obama claimed his plan will not bring about a government takeover of the health care industry.

Sounds fishy:

More… Power Line reported on how concerns about the “end-of-life counseling” provision in Secion 1233 of the health care legislation are legitimate.

Legal Insurrection has the inconvenient truth on Obamacare’s “death panel.”

And get this… Obamacare includes the provision in HR 3200 that provides community organizations like ACORN special access to a program related to linguistic services for Medicare providers.

Meanwhile… Linda Douglas, the former the state-run reporter turned Obama shill, admitted today that the White House is breaking the law by collecting names and information on fishy Americans who oppose nationalized health care:


UPDATE: Obamacare’s preventive care plan will raise, not lower, costs.

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