Retired Marine at Rep Baird's Town Hall: "If Nancy Pelosi Wants to Find a Swastika Maybe She Should Look On the Sleeve of Her Own Arm."

“I will remind you. A little history lesson. The Nazis were the National Socialist Party. They were leftists. They took over the finances. They took over the car industry. They took over health care in their country. If Nancy Pelosi wants to find a Swastika maybe the first place she should look is the sleeve of her own arm.”

David William Hedrick
Retired US Marine
Rep. Brian Baird Town Hall
August 22, 2009

At Rep. Brian Baird‘s town hall in Washington David said it best:

From the video:
I, David William Hedrick, a member of the silent majority, decided that I was not going to be silent anymore. So, I let U.S. Congressman Brian Baird have it. I was one questioner out of 38, that was called at random from an audience that started at 3,000 earlier in the evening. Not expecting to be called on, I quickly scratched what I wanted to say on a borrowed piece of paper and with a pen that I borrowed from someone else in the audience minutes before I spoke. So much for the planned talking points of the right wing conspiracy.

Big Hollywood asks, “How long before the media starts their dirty work on this man?”

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