Only 4% of Israelis See Obama As Pro-Israel– Down From 6%

Obama continues to set records.
Only 4% of Israelis see Obama as Pro-Israel. This is down from 6% in June.
88% of Israelis saw President George W. Bush as pro-Israel.
FOX News reported:

Only four percent of Jewish Israelis believe President Obama’s policies are pro-Israel while half oppose a temporary freeze of Jewish settlements in the West Bank, a poll released on Friday found.

The survey, conducted by the Jerusalem Post, found that more than half, 51 percent, considered Obama’s administration to be more pro-Palestinian than pro-Israeli, up slightly from 50 percent in June.

The percentage of Jewish Israelis who consider Obama to be pro-Israel was down from six percent in a much-cited June 19 poll. By comparison, 88 percent of those interviewed in the June survey thought former President George W. Bush was pro-Israel.

The new poll appears to show that U.S. efforts to improve American-Israeli ties have not improved Obama’s reputation among Israelis.

Barack Obama took 77% of the Jewish vote in the 2008 election.

Israel Matzav has more on this latest poll.

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