The" Obama Misery Index" Continues to Climb As His Poll Numbers Plummet

Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI) took to the House floor a couple of weeks back to ask Democratic Leaders, “Where are the jobs?”

From Rep. Dave Camp’s website:

“Mr. Speaker, the chart next to me shows the “Obama Misery Index,” OMI, which reveals a stunning rise in debt and unemployment. And “oh, my” I think is the right title for the index of current and future burdens the American people face. Despite campaign pledges of fiscal responsibility and job creation, since inauguration day, we’ve seen an $800 billion stimulus bill, massive energy taxes, and a legislative agenda that’s resulted in rapidly growing debt alongside rising unemployment. Taken together, these figures define the effect of the President’s policies to date – not only revealing their failure to deliver jobs for today’s workers, but an even larger government tab for our children and grandchildren to pay. Already the unemployment and debt on President Obama’s watch is a stunning 40.6 percent — the current “Obama Misery Index” actually felt by the American people. And after Vice President’s recent claim that the government needs to spend more money to keep from going bankrupt, and the CBO, Congressional Budget Office, Director suggestion that the trillion dollar Democrat health care bill will simply add to the country’s budget problems, this measure may only worsen in the months ahead. Mr. Speaker, where are the jobs?”

When the stimulus was passed in February, the Obama administration predicted its so-called stimulus plan would “save or create 3.5 million jobs.” Michigan’s unemployment has reached 15 percent. The unemployment rate for the country overall in June reached 9.5%, well above the 8% level the Administration projected if stimulus passed. This means 2.5 million more Americans unemployed than the President promised.

Putting that 2.5 million in perspective:

If the 2.5 million “unprojected unemployed” since stimulus stood back to back, that unemployment line would stretch for 472 miles – the distance from Washington D.C. to Toledo, Ohio.

The 2.5 million “unprojected unemployed” since stimulus is an average of 5,724 unemployed in each of the 435 Congressional districts represented in the U.S. House.

The 2.5 million “unprojected unemployed” since stimulus is larger than the population of 15 U.S. States (AK, DE, HI, ID, ME, MT, NE, NH, NM, ND, RI, SD, VT, WV, WY).

As the economy continues to tumble this week so does Obama’s approval numbers…
Dear Leader’s approval rating has already dropped to 45% nationally.

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