Obama Administration Releases Names of Secret Terror Suspects

USS Neverdock is following this story that has not garnered much mainstream media attention for some reason–

More damage to our national security by Obama. The BBC reported:

“The US military has begun notifying the Red Cross of the identities of terror suspects being held at secret camps in Iraq and Afghanistan, reports say. ["secret camps” where’s the outrage? ed.]

The Red Cross, which has lobbied the Pentagon for years to give its staff access to all detention facilities, declined to confirm the changes.

The policy reportedly took effect this month with no public announcement

Dozens of suspected foreign fighters captured in Iraq and Afghanistan are being held at so-called “temporary screening camps” run by US special forces at secret locations in Balad in Iraq and Bagram in Afghanistan.

Despite the change in policy, Red Cross officials are still not getting access to the highly secretive sites – something they do get at most other US military detention centres.

The Pentagon has previously said that providing information about these detainees could jeopardize counter-terrorism efforts.

Related… A “furious” Rep. Peter King, the maverick Long Island Republican, blasted a “disgraceful” Eric Holder for opening an investigation of CIA interrogators saying, “It’s bulls***. It’s disgraceful. You wonder which side they’re on.”

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