Honduras Wins!… Castro, Chavez, Obama, Ortega Fail to Prop Leftist Thug Back Into Power

Freedom Wins!… Obama and Marxist Leaders Fail to Reinstate Leftist Thug Zelaya

(Michael Ramirez)

Despite their best efforts, Barack Obama and regional Marxist thugs were not able to force Honduras to reinstate former Leftist President Mel Zelaya.
IBDeditorials reported:

In a quiet victory for a tiny democracy, U.S. buttinskies have stopped trying to restore a dictator to power in South America. Tiny Honduras is winning its fight for freedom.

In a welcome about-face, the State Department told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s Richard Lugar, R-Ind., in a letter Tuesday that the U.S. would no longer threaten sanctions on Honduras for ousting its president, Mel Zelaya, last June 28.

Nor will it insist on Zelaya’s return to power. As it turns out, the U.S. Senate can’t find any legal reason why the Honduran Supreme Court’s refusal to let Zelaya stay in office beyond the time allowed by Honduran law constitutes a “military coup.”

This marks a shift. The U.S. at first supported Zelaya, a man who had been elected democratically but didn’t govern that way. Now they’re reaching out to average Hondurans, the real democrats.

Sure, the U.S. continues to condemn Zelaya’s ouster and still seeks mediation of the dispute through Costa Rican President Oscar Arias. But no U.S. sanctions means Hondurans have won.

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More… Obama got a little testy with his lefty friends over Honduras today.

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