Honduran Media Bias Caught On Tape

In this Honduras Channel 11 News segment the reporters cry about police violence against the Leftist Zelaya demonstrators. The video shows a man getting beaten by police. Later you see what Channel 11 does not show you. The man just escaped from police custody. That’s why they stopped him and hit him with sticks in the legs which is legal.
This would be pretty comical if it weren’t so serious:

How about that?
The US state-run media is not alone in their biased omission of facts after all.

Last night I spent some time with a Honduran government official and family members. The official wanted to communicate how upset the people of Honduras were with the international media coverage coming from their country especially the CNN media coverage. Every day the government is releasing more and more information on the ousted dictator wannabe former President Mel Zelaya. He was a complete power hungry Leftist thug.

One thing the people of Honduras already have noticed is that there are no longer the mysterious foreign planes flying in and out of Honduran airports. These mysterious plane landings used to be reported several times a month. Since Zelaya was ousted there have been none.

More on the Honduras situation here.

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