Hollywood Now Bashing Sarah Palin in Movie Previews

They’re not quite done with Sarah Palin just yet…
Hollywood now includes Sarah Palin jokes in their movie trailers:
(at 1:38 mark)

Count “Did You Hear About the Morgans?” as one movie to miss.
Paying to watch some elitists bash a conservative woman is not my cup of tea.
You’d think they’d have better sense than to p*ss off half of America before the movie is even released?

What Would Toto Watch? has more on Hollywood’ open attacks on Sarah Palin.

More… David White sends this:

The difference between Sarah Jessica Parker and Sarah Palin is, Mrs. Parker is a millionaire from Ohio that publically complains that the government will not help her family members out. She complains about this while jetsetting around the world. Mrs. Palin doesn’t look towards others to fix a problem, she looks at how she can fix the problem and does it herself. She takes care of her family instead of looking to others to do it.

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