Hmm… Jonah Goldberg Compares VA "Death Book" to Nazi Eugenics (Video) …Update: VA Pulls Death Book

Jonah Goldberg is, of course, an expert on the National Socialist German Workers’ (Nazi) Party.
Today he compared the VA’s “Your Life, Your Choices,” the so-called “Death Book” for US Veterans that was reinstated by Barack Obama, to Nazi eugenics on FOX News:

Via Breitbart

Yesterday, Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA), announced that he would push for a hearing into why the VA is still using the end-of-life guide, the so-called “Death Book,” for veterans.

Obama Reinstates “Death Book” For US Veterans of War
Sen Specter Calls For Hearings on “Death Book” Pushed on US Veterans

More… Here’s more from the VA– 1200 US veterans recently found out they were mistakenly told they had life threatening Lou Gehrig’s Disease.
…But, Obamacare will be different. Really.

UPDATE: Obama’s VA pulls so-called ‘Death Book’ from its website.
The Washington Examiner adds:

We were supposed to be beyond any debate over “death panels” when it comes to health care reform. But now the administration is scrambling to explain whether and why it has been referring physicians to use a document for end-of-life planning that strongly hints at the worthlessness of life when its quality is diminished by even relatively minor injuries and health problems, such as being wheelchair-bound.

Good question.

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