Guardian Compares Jews to Nazis– Justifies Gaza Rocket Attacks on Israel

Southern Israel has been under attack for the last 8 years.

In the first six months of 2006 after Israel withdrew completely from Gaza, there were 500 Qassam rocket attacks on the city of Sderot, Israel. The city then started collecting the spent rockets and has them stashed out back of the Sderot police station.

The leftwing Guardian compared Jews to Nazis in a recent piece and justified the Gaza rocket attacks on Israel.
The reported:

The Guardian has sunk to a new low, publishing a piece by Marxist psychoanalyst Slavoj Zizek in which he accuses Israel of “ethnic cleansing”; justifies rocket fire from Gaza; says that calling Gaza “the greatest concentration camp in the world” comes “dangerously close to truth”; claims that Israel is slowly making the West Bank “Palestinian-frei”; and accuses Israel of obstructing peace “since 1949”.

Oh yes, all this and so much more – all in one article!

For a good fisking of the article, see Honest Reporting here.

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