Ecuadorian Officials Caught Red-Handed In $3 Million Bribery Scheme (Video)

Today, Chevron provided authorities in Ecuador and the U.S. with video recordings that reveal a $3 million bribery scheme implicating the judge presiding over the environmental lawsuit currently pending against Chevron. In the videos, the judge confirms that he will rule against Chevron and that appeals by the energy company will be denied.

Chevron is calling for an investigation and a disqualification of the judge in Ecuador case.

Here’s video of the corrupt judge:

Video recordings reveal a $3 million bribery scheme implicating the judge presiding over the environmental lawsuit currently pending against Chevron and individuals who identify themselves as representatives of the Ecuadorian government and its ruling party.
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More… Here is part of the transcript:

During the meeting, Judge Núñez answered a series of questions about the case from the businessmen, who were seeking assurances the court proceedings would generate business. Novoa stated that “we have the political power” to direct remediation contracts and stressed the judge “is generating the work through the ruling.” Novoa added, “The offer from the people in the government that I represent, I’m a delegate of them, so I’m accompanying the judge so that you can be serious about the case.”

Judge Núñez confirmed that he would be issuing a ruling, the appeal would be a formality and the government would be handling the funds associated with remediation contracts. In a final exchange with the businessmen before the meeting ended, Judge Núñez revealed how he was planning to handle his ruling:

Núñez: “Any other questions for me as a judge?”
Hansen: “Oh no, I, I know clearly how it is, you say, Chevron is the guilty party?”
Núñez: “Yes Sir.”
Hansen: “And the, the, the act (decision) is October or November of this year?”
Núñez: “Yes Sir.”
Hansen: “And it’s…?”
Núñez: “No later than January.”
Hansen: “January 2010. And the money is twenty-seven (billion dollars)?”
Núñez: “It might be less, and it might be more.”

The last recorded meeting regarding the bribes, in which Judge Núñez was not present, occurred June 22 at the Alianza PAIS office in Quito. During the meeting, Garcia confirmed the details of the bribe:

Borja: “OK. Of the three million … one million is for the judge?”
Garcia: “Yes.”
Borja: “One million for the presidency…?”
Garcia: “Yes.”
Borja: “And one million for the plaintiffs?”
Garcia: “Yes, that’s right.”
Borja: “But for the plaintiffs, who gets the money, man? Fajardo?”
Garcia: “No. On this matter, we’re going to handle it here.”
Borja: “You mean Alianza PAIS would receive the payment here?”
Garcia: “Right.”

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