DEMS SEND OUT BOGUS LETTERS To Sway Support For Obamacare

The Dems Will Do Anything to Get Their Government Run Health Care–
Including sending out bogus letters to constituents.
Libertarian Republican reported, via Atlas Shrugs:

Michigan Democrats sending out bogus letters from constituents claiming to be sick, to support increased Government Health Care Top Party leaders

Top Party leaders blame it on “Overzealous” Young Democrats by Eric Dondero, Libertarian Republican (hat tip Indie Jones)

Oakland County Commissioner Shelly Taub, a Republican, received a letter from a constituent who wrote a very sad letter regarding her lack of health care coverage. The letter writer was begging for help for her “sick child.” The Commissioner sprung into action. She did more than a little poking around. In fact, she scoured the entire County to locate the women. What she found didn’t quite match what the letter writer had told her.


The Oakland Press relays the story in “Dems sent out falsified Letters,” Fri, July 3:

She felt like she had failed as a mother cause she couldn’t afford health care for her ill son…

“I got this letter and it tore my heart apart” Taub said. “I thought My God… I know many people in health care, I’ll get this kid some help.”

Taub and her husband searched for information about the woman, found out that she actually lived in Fraser, so Taub called the home phone number and left a message.

Taub said she received a phone call that night from the mother of the woman who sent the letter who informed Taub that her daughter was not married and is a student at the University of Michigan.

The woman who sent the letter explained to Taub that she had recently finished an internship with the Oakland County Democratic Party in Bingham Farms, Taub said. The woman said she and two other interns were given sample letters and told to modify them, change the return address and send them out, Taub said.

Other Republican Commissioners get duped by ScamAnother County Commissioner Sue Ann Douglas, comments in a Guest Editorial in the Oakland County Press “Bogus Letter prompts Commissioner’s response” July 30:

An employee of The Oakland County Democratic Party instructed interns to send several bogus letters to commissioners claiming that they were in dire need of health care. Those who decided to send Shelley Taub a letter pleading for help certainly did not know her well.

Shelley would work day and night to find help for a constituent with a sick child, and she immediately tried to contact the young lady who was pleading for help. She discovered that the young lady lived in Macomb County, did not have a child, and the return address on the envelope belonged to an unknowing West Bloomfield Township resident.

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