Dem Rep Stacks Room at Ohio Town Hall– Two Protesters Thrown Out

Two protesters were thrown out of a town hall meeting in Cleveland for speaking before the question and answer period.
NewsNet5 reported:

Usually a meeting called by your local congressperson only draws a few loyal constituents, but on Wednesday, Rep. Marcia Fudge became the latest Democrat to face friends and foes over President Barack Obama’s health care reform plan.

Hoping there would be strength in numbers, Democrats packed the Ford Auditorium at Case Western Reserve University to show their support for Fudge and the president’s plan.

But opponents made their presence known during a meeting that was billed as a state of the district address.

“We have been trying to fix health care for more than 60 years. And we are going to fix it,” Fudge said.

With that, Fudge dropped all pretenses that this was a state of the district meeting and took on the topic of health care reform.

She also made it clear right off the bat that disruptions would not be allowed.

Anyone who attempted to engage Fudge before the question-and-answer period was quickly shown the door.

Case Western Reserve University police said two opponents of reform were ejected for being disorderly.

The citizens were ejected for making statements before the question and answer period.
Sounds fishy.

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