Good. Carrie Prejean Sues Miss California For Religious Discrimination …Update: Perez Hilton's Disgusting Response

Standing tall.

Good. Carrie Prejen is suing the Miss California contest for religious discrimination.
Big hollywood reported:

Carrie Prejean’s attorney, Charles S. LiMandri announced today that the former Miss California USA is filing a complaint in the Superior Court of California against Miss California USA officials Keith Lewis and Shanna Moakler, and publicist Roger Neal. The complaint cites damages to Miss Prejean including libel, public disclosure of private facts, religious discrimination, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

Miss Prejean was fired from her role as Miss California USA in June of this year, following several months of controversy over her answer at the Miss USA pageant regarding same-sex marriage. Lewis claimed Miss Prejean’s termination was due to a violation of contract. Miss Prejean’s complaint will refute that allegation, and demonstrate that both the chronology and factual evidence clearly show she lived up to all her contractual obligations, but was fired, harassed and publicly attacked solely due to her religious beliefs.

Shanna Moakler, the bitter official involved in the case, released a statement later this afternoon:

Ms. Prejean’s unfortunate and bigoted statements are responsible for any public humiliation or damages to her reputation that she has claimed to have suffered.

More… Gride adds:


Do you think Moakler would be saying the same thing if Carrie was a devout Muslim?


UPDATE: American Power has Perez Hilton’s disgusting response–

Pretty sick.
He did this because she respectfully disagreed with his politics.

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