Ambassador Dore Gold Blogger Call– "The Rise of Nuclear Iran"

Ambassador Dore Gold, discussed his latest book, The Rise of a Nuclear Iran in a blogger conference call today sponsored by One Jerusalem.

This important book documents the failings of the world to deal with the nuclear threat of Iran and it documents the dire consequences of Iran going nuclear. Ambassador Gold, exposes the myth that Iran’s religious leaders are opposed to using nuclear weapons and he details how they have used diplomatic talks to buy time to move their nuclear program forward.

Gold paints a disturbing picture of a world threatened by Iran supported terrorists who have the protection of a nuclear umbrella. Iran has already stepped up activities in Latin America, look for bolder activity if nuclear weapons are involved.

Moreover, the failure to stop Iran has already caused other Mid East countries to start the acquisition of nuclear power. Can Iran be stopped? Is the Obama administration right in assuming the world can live with a nuclear Iran?

I met Ambassador Gold in 2007 in Israel. At that time Gold discussed proof of an Al Qaeda-Hamas link.

Gold talked today about the Iranian missile capabilities. Quoting the Iranian regime, Ambassador Gold pointed out that Ahmadinejad recently announced that the Iranian nuclear program is untouchable.

Ambassador Gold discussed the importance of sanctions but warned that we don’t have 12 years to use sanctions against the regime. The Iranian capability and intentions are clear and Israeli leaders today and in the future will have to be ready to act on the Iranian threat.

The BBC reported yesterday that Iran has not expanded the number of centrifuges enriching uranium at its nuclear facilities since the end of May. Ambassador Gold was wary of such hopeful reports from the Western media. The regime is determined and the BBC’s report does not take into consideration the advanced stages of the regime’s program.

Gold predicted that the regime will increase military maneuvers in the region as a result of its internal strife and the recent uprisings.

One Jerusalem posted audio from the conference call. There were over 50 bloggers on the line.

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