Cambridge Police Captain: The Only Apology in Gates-Gate Should Come From Prof. Henry Gates to Sgt. Crowley's Mother

Sgt. Crowley’s former boss Sgt. Giatoppo told Greta Van Susteren that the only apology in the Gates-Gate scandal should come from Dr. Gates for insulting Sgt. Crowley’s mother:

Barack Obama’s elitist pal Henry Louis Gates Jr. was attacking Sgt. Crowley’s mother.
What a class act.

Here’s the transcript from Greta’s interview with Giatoppo:

VAN SUSTEREN: Was he — was Officer Crowley — did Officer Crowley tell you he was called a racist when they were still inside the house or when they had both come back out on the porch?

GIATOPPO: My understanding from Jimmy is that it happened initially at the door and it went on while it was inside and outside, made various references. And when he got outside, he put on a little show, I guess, for the people who were out there.

VAN SUSTEREN: Did Officer Crowley tell you the exact words he used, or what do you recall?

GIATOPPO: Same words in the police report, being called a racist, and, This is what happens to a black man in America, and you know, You’re harassing me, and this, that and the other. Crossed the line when he brought Jimmy’s mother into it, and if there’s an apology by anybody in this whole thing, Jimmy, Mr. Gates, the president, anybody, Mrs. Crowley is owed an apology. Jimmy’s mom is owed an apology for bringing her into this mess. And that would say — I would say on behalf of Jimmy, that’s the apology that is in this case.

VAN SUSTEREN: What was said about his mother?

GIATOPPO: Well, it appears that Professor Gates may have engaged in high school type tactics of, Your mama, your mother, and this, that and the other, things that would do when you were bantering as a high school kid. And to actually come out and insinuate that his mother has any role in this, and what his inference was, was…

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