Halleluiah!… Dear Leader Joins G8 Leaders- Promises Not to Allow Global Temps to Rise 3.6°

Thank you, Dear Leader! Thank you, Dear Leader!
Truly, He is The One!

Barack Obama joined with other world leaders in backing targets to battle non-existent global warming junk science. Officials confirmed that Dear Leader Obama will support a goal of keeping the average world temperature from rising 3.6° Fahrenheit.
FOX News reported the glorious news:

President Obama joined other leaders of the industrialized world Wednesday in backing new targets for battling global warming. But the wealthy nations were unable to persuade leaders of developing countries to commit to reductions of their own, and their cooperation is critical to avoiding the worst effects of climate change.

White House officials confirmed that Obama agreed to language supporting a goal of keeping the world’s average temperature from rising more than 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

The agreement by the Group of Eight industrialized nations, meeting in Italy, marks a significant step in efforts to limit greenhouse gases blamed for the world’s rising temperature. The G-8 previously had not been able to agree on that temperature limit as a political goal.

It remains only a target, however, and it is far from clear that it will be met, especially as China, India and other rapidly industrializing nations generate and consume more energy from coal and other sources.

Climate change experts say the 2-degree threshold wouldn’t eliminate the risk of runaway climate change but would reduce it. Even a slight increase in average temperatures could wreak havoc on farmers around the globe, as seasons shift, crops fail and storms and droughts ravage fields, scientists say.

This shouldn’t be too hard…
Global Temps continued to plunge last month. Temperatures are down .74°F since Al Gore released his “Inconvenient Truth.”

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