Government Misses Payday For 1,600 Teens Working Summer Stimulus Program Jobs

Government misses payday for 1,600 teens working summer Stimulus program jobs.
FOX 2 News reported:

About 16 hundred St. Louis teens got summer jobs, thanks to the federal stimulus package, but the federal government missed payday. Dozens of the kids did not get their paychecks when they were supposed to. But finally pay day came a little late.

“You know they’re working and busting their butts and not getting paid for it and it’s just not right,” says Shareeka Henderson, mother of 15 year old Breaunna Harbert who has spent her summer mowing yards and picking up litter across the St. Louis area.

“All this time and no money,” says mother Wanda Edwards.

The St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment or “SLATE” received stimulus dollars from the federal government to provide summer jobs for high school students. But Friday was payday, and Breaunna and about 40 of the other young workers got no check and no good explanation. They were told to come back to the SLATE office Saturday morning.

“They told us 10:00,” says Edwards.

“They told us 9:30,” says Henderson. “And then someone comes and puts a sign that says 11:00.”

Someone from the inside of the building posted a sign reading, ‘Slate will be open from 11 to 1pm for any participant to pick up paychecks’

“It’s a government program and it shouldn’t be like this,” says Henderson. “It really shouldn’t.”

Around 11, the office did begin handing out paychecks, but there was hardly room to move inside. And Breaunna’s paycheck had an error in it.

“They didn’t even give her the full amount,” says Henderson. “I gotta go back in there, they’re missing over 200 dollars off her check right now. Her last check was $600 this one is $331.”

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Exit Question: Why are these shovel ready jobs going to teen workers?

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