Comparing Plans: Bush Saw 23.8% Growth in 6 Months… Obama Saw -5.2% Growth in 6 Months

Those “Failed Policies” During Bush Years Saw 23.8% Growth in 6 Months

President Obama attacked George Bush’s economic record in early 2008:

During recession George Bush’s economic plan saw 23.8% growth in six months.
During recession Bsrack Obama’s economic plan has shown -5.2% growth in six months.
Bizblogger reported, via Free Republic:

Bush’s plan passed in April 2003 while Obama’s passed in February 2009. I chose the S&P 500 Index starting point one month prior to passage because the market typically discounts the information beforehand as the bills work their way through Congress. I chose 6 months-post passage as the ending point because that’s all the data we have for Obama’s plan so far.

Bush: From March 2003 to October 2003, the S&P 500 went from 835 to 1034 or 23.8%.

Obama: From January 2009 through July 2009, the S&P went from 932 to 879 or -5.2%.

By way of comparison, I also reviewed the market returns a full year prior to these time periods and the results show a very similar situation.

The S&P 500 return under Bush 1-year prior was -26.2%, hurt by the internet bubble collapse, 9/11 and corporate scandals. Trillions of dollars in lost wealth.

The difference, of course, is that George Bush gave people back their hard-earned money.
Barack Obama, on the other hand, spent more and borrowed more of your money and will take more of your money.

More… Keith Hennessey responds to the president’s misleading oped in The Washington Post.

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