Communist China Warns Obama On His Record Deficit

It’s pretty sad when the Communist Chinese are lecturing our radical leaders on the free market system.

Barack Obama will quadruple the US deficit in his first year in office.

Communist China warned Obama and Democrats about printing money in May.
Communist China warned Obama and Democrats about their historic deficit in June.
Communist China laughed at tax-cheat Geithner when he said their assets were safe.
Today they warned Obama again.
My Way reported:

The United States and China are striking a conciliatory tone in their public comments during economic talks, although that hasn’t stopped China from posing some pointed questions behind closed doors about such issues as America’s soaring budget deficit.

The Obama administration has questions it wants answered as well in such areas as China’s long reliance on massive trade surpluses with the United States to bolster its domestic economy.

Both sides are expected to wrap up two days of high-level talks Tuesday with a joint communique that will lay out a work plan that both sides will tackle in upcoming meetings.

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