Uighurs On Paradise Island– Italian Dining… Beachfront Living (Video)

George Lauer forwarded this video on the former Gitmo detainees on their new island paradise.
FOX News reporter Catherine Herridge is in Bermuda where they dumped the former detainees. Herridge reports that the Uighurs will be eligible for Bermudian passports which will allow them to travel outside of the island.
And just think… It wasn’t that long ago that these terrorists were training with Al-Qaeda in Tora Bora:

Things are certainly looking up for the Uighurs.

Several of the Uighur terrorists were trained by Al-Qaeda at terror training camps. FOX News reported that some of the Uighur detainees were trained in Tora Bora. They are also linked to the terror group that was planning attacks on the Beijing Olympic.

The Chinese Uighurs at Gitmo called Obama a communist last week.

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