Obama: Cheney's Policies Have Made Us Less Safe

President Panty Waist insists that VP Cheney’s policies have made America less safe. Dear Leader also insists that his policies have, in fact, made America more safe.
Sure they have.

Life is good. A Uighur terrorist takes a dip in the Atlantic off the shore near Hamilton, Bermuda, after his liberation from Club Gitmo.

Real Clear Politics has the video:

SMITH: Leon Panetta intimated the former vice president was playing politics with national security issues. The former president has intoned his own displeasure with some of your policy changes. I think they feel like some of the things that you’ve done, in fact, are treacherous.

OBAMA: Well, I think when it comes to Vice President Cheney, he and I have a deep disagreement about what’s required to keep the American people safe. And I think that disagreement has been amply aired and certainly he has a right to voice his opinions. I would argue that our policies are making the American people safer, and that some of the policies that he’s promoted in the past have not.

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