Muslim Mother Caned in Bangladesh For Speaking To Hindu Man

Who will Barack Obama defend?
Will he speak out on the rich tradition of caning under Sharia Law?
Will he speak out on Islam’s proud tradition of tolerance?
Or, will he give a speech on this woman’s right to a hijab?

A young mother in Bangladesh was caned for speaking to a Hindu man this week.
Dawn News reported, via Free Republic:

A mother was caned for talking to a Hindu man in Bangladesh, police said on Saturday, prompting fresh concerns about a rise in cases of harsh treatment of women under religious laws.

The punishment was carried out in a remote village on the orders of village elders, local police chief Enamul Monowar said over telephone. The village elders found Kamala Begum, 38, a mother of four children, guilty under Sharia law of chatting with an unidentified Hindu man, Monowar said. Hindus make up around 10 per cent of Bangladesh’s population.

“The villagers got bundles of 25 sticks and hit her four times on the back. They claimed it was a symbolic punishment. But she’s humiliated and has been in great mental pain,” Monowar said.

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