Leading Dem Blog Now Posting Disfigured Pictures of Trig Palin

Democratic party operative Linda Kellen Biegel is now posting distorted pictures of Trig Palin:

Her blog Blue Oasis is the official Alaska blog for the DNC.

On the same page Blue Oasis blog is also asking for donations from democrats (on the sidebar) to continue to slander the popular Alaskan governor and post distorted photos of her children:


More PDS… After hearing about how South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford had “disappeared for four days” Sen. Kerry joked: ‘Too bad’ Gov. Sarah Palin didn’t go missing.


UPDATE: Tom W. sends this on the face superimposed on Trig:

It’s a conservative radio-talk show host named Eddie Burke.

He once called pro-choice women “baby-killing maggots,” so his face was put on Trig’s body because–as a leftist told me–it’s the face of one person who should have been aborted put on the body of another person who should’ve been aborted.

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