Glenn Beck Slams Obama's 31 Year-Old Wunderkind Brian Deese Heading General Motors (Video)

FOX News’ Glenn Beck slammed Barack Obama’s General Motors Auto Task Force kid wonder and former George Soros employee, Brian Deese.
This was brutal. It was honest, but it was brutal:

The New York Times reported that the 31-year-old Deese in a first government job finds himself dismantling General Motors and rewriting the rules of American capitalism.
The kid’s never worked for anyone except if you count George Soros.
We’re truly in the best of hands.

Here‘s the transcript.

More… Alana adds:

I caught a bit of that and there were these workers saying, “How come these people get to lay us off. We never elected a car czar. Yet people out of nowhere that someone just appointed get to run our lives.”

That’s what kills me most about all this stuff. We are being run by people who nobody elected, nobody wanted, and nobody with any sense would choose. And they get to mess us up. All they want.

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