It's Come to This… Crazed Lib Reporters Clash Over Who Loves Obama Most (Video)

It’s come to this…
They’re not even arguing about “if” they are biased.
That’s already been settled. Even they see it.
Now the debate is about who is more pathetically in the tank for Obama.

Crazed liberal loons squabble over who loves Obama more.
The WaPo’s Milbank and the Huffington Post’s Nico Pitney clash on CNN:

Conservative Amanda Carpenter was on the set and wisely sat it out.

Blue on Blue.
Michael Calderone reported:

On CNN’s “Reliable Sources” today, the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank and Huffington Post’s Nico Pitney squared off over the latter’s controversial question to President Obama at Tuesdays’ press conference.

During their debate, Pitney described Milbank’s reporting as “pathetic” for once asking Obama how he looked in a bathing suit, while the Post’s “Washington Sketch” columnist continued to take issue with recent coordination between HuffPo and the White House.

Because the White House reached out to Pitney the night before about possibly asking a question submitted by an Iranian over the disputed election protests—a topic the HuffPo reporter has been doggedly covering—Milbank dismissed the exchange as “arranged,” “planted,” and an example of “stagecraft.”

Both HuffPo’s Jason Linkins and Arianna Huffington then took shots at Milbank—along with this reporter—for calling attention to this unusual exchange in the briefing room. So it’s not surprising that there were some fireworks on today’s show.

“I mean, this is a person, Dana, who, when he had a chance to ask Obama a question, he approached him in the hall during the campaign and asked him not one, but multiple questions about how he looked in a bathing suit,” Pitney said.

Pitney continued: “I mean, that to me is pathetic, and I would—you couldn’t stage manage me into that, Dana.”

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