HORRIFIC Video Captures Basij Thugs Shooting At Protesters From Rooftop

Busted! Regime thugs shoot down at democracy protesters on the street from a rooftop in Tehran.
This is one of those videos that you will not forget. What kind of regime fires on its own people peacefully demonstrating for freedom?
This should be widely circulated:

Via Iran Press News

** Here is a petition you can sign to denounce the slaughter of Iranian freedom seekers.

Earlier today Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ordered a sham investigation in to the “suspicious” death of Neda Soltan. Of course, Mahmoud suspects foreigners were behind the attack. CBS is helping the regime spread lies about Neda’s death.


And, Barack Obama wants still wants to hold talks with these killer thugs?

More… At 5 PM on Monday democracy protesters in Tehran formed a human chain from Tajrish Square to Rahahan (Railway Station).

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