Useful Idiot Andy Rooney Shames America on Memorial Day (Video)

Andy Rooney couldn’t help himself.
The bitter liberal could think of nothing better for his Memorial Day segment than to shame America for participating in war…
As if this country decides to go to war just for kicks:

Scott Martin at The Examiner dissects Rooney’s latest:

Throughout Andy Rooney’s three decades on 60 Minutes, he has served as a useful idiot on behalf of nearly every enemy of freedom and anti-American idea that has come around the bend. Brilliantly, too. One minute he’s waxing romantic on the smell of old books recently found in the attic, and the next minute he’s making a seemingly reasonable statement about climate change.

There is more bravery at war than in peace, and it seems wrong that we have so often saved this virtue to use for our least noble activity – war. The goal of war is to cause death to other people.

A more dangerous perspective would be difficult to contemplate. War is our least noble activity? The reality is that American wars have historically been America at its noblest. We have fought for our freedom, we have fought for the freedom of others who were too weak or too afraid to fight for their own. We have fought hot wars against the evils of Hitler. We fought and won a cold war against the communist Soviet Union. Until recently, we warred against the evils of terrorism. Rooney’s words opposed our heroic actions at every turn.

Angry old liberals like Rooney will never see the greatness of America, the values we stand for, the people we’ve liberated and the lives we’ve saved.
It’s just a shame this bitter man had to use the Memorial Day holiday to spread his sick propaganda.

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