Rep. Jan Schakowski Lies to FOX Business Channel About Destroying the Private Insurance Industry

Last week Far Left Rep. Schakowsky (D-IL) was in the news after video was posted where she boasted that a government provided insurance plan would put private insurers out of business:

“And next to me was a guy from an insurance company who then argued against the public health insurance option saying it wouldn’t let private insurance compete; that a public option would put the private insurance industry out of business (cheers)… My single payer friends, he was right. The man was right. Here’s what I told him. I said excuse me sir the goal of health care reform is not to protect the private health insurance industry. And, I am so confident in the supiority of a public health care option that I think he has every reason to be frightened.”

Unfortunately, for Schakowski this video went viral and private insurance representatives confronted Democratic Party leaders about their nationalized healthcare plans.
Yesterday, Schakowski was back on the FOX Business Channel to discuss her original statements.
She lied:

On the Fox Business channel on May 5, 2009, Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) responds to a question on earlier comments she made at a rally for the Obama healthcare reform plan. (See… for video and transcript of full interview)

This is what Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) told FOX Business Channel on May 5th:


“You know what I what I said is that I have confidence in the superiority. — public plan. But that’s because over the years what we’ve seen as the private insurance industry with its double digit inflation and the cost of insurance every year. It has really priced most Americans out of that the market up certainly millions and millions of them. And so I think we need the choice it’s about choice and competition. And I think that of the private health insurance industry wants the immediacy that’s going to have to shape up there’s no question.”

Of course, this is not true.
Schakowski celebrated the end of the private insurance industry to a cheering crowd.
Too bad FOX Business Channel let her off the hook.

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