Pelosi Preaches Junk Science to Chinese– Pushes "Environmental Justice"

Here’s the liberal’s latest basic human right– Environmental Justice.

You knew it was going to be a rough year when China started preaching to the US about free market economics.
It just got a little crazier.
Pelosi just lectured the Chinese on junk science and environmental justice today:

In a meeting Wednesday, the head of China’s national legislature, Wu Bangguo, told Pelosi that climate change was a common challenge and that Beijing stood ready to work with Washington.

Turning around her usual criticisms about human rights, Pelosi linked global warming to environmental justice, saying the right to a clean environment is also a human right.

“I do see this opportunity for climate change to be … a game-changer,” she said at Tsinghua. “It’s a place where human rights — looking out for the needs of the poor in terms of climate change and healthy environment — are a human right.”

Democrats are so hoping the Chinese will buy into their global warming/climate change junk science. But, they don’t seem to understand that just because they are going to ruin our economy with cap and trade legislation doesn’t mean China will follow.

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