Obama Unemployment Climbs to 8.9%– Highest in 25 Years

Change!… So much for creating for saving 2 million jobs.

The US Economy lost 539,000 jobs in April.
The national unemployment rate climbed to 8.9%— the highest its been in 25 years.

During his 100 Day Press Conference Barack Obama bragged that his administration had created or saved 150,000 jobs.


The US economy lost 598,000 jobs in January.
The US economy lost 706,000 jobs in February.
The US economy lost 742,000 jobs in March.
And, in April, 539,000 jobs were reportedly lost… and this number will likely rise.

So, in other words Team Obama has lost 2,585,000 jobs so far this year and only created or saved 150,000 jobs.
That’s some change, huh?

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