Media Applauds Obama For Taxpayer-Funded Date Night In Big Apple

I know I’m going out on a limb here…
But, for some strange reason I don’t believe the media would have been as kind to George W. Bush if he would have flown Laura to New York City for a “date” costing taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars during the “worst recession since the Great Depression.”
But, that’s just me.

Obviously, the media thought of last night’s carbon-burning jaunt to NYC as just a romantic evening between two lovebirds.

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Headlines from Memeorandum

The only nasty headline put the focus on the GOP for criticizing Dear Leader.


Oh well. What did you expect from our corrupt media?
At least the Obamas didn’t swoop down on Manhattan for a $328,000 photo-op before they landed.
That’s good.

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