Ugh. McCain Speaks Out Against Waterboarding "Torture" (Video) Update: He Voted Against Waterboarding Ban Last Year

The Mac Is Back!
John McCain was on Greta tonight and declared “waterboarding is torture.”
He just erased all of the that Dick Cheney had built up this week against the dangerous Obama Administration national security positions in about 2 minutes.
Once again, just when you think Republicans have something going… In comes John McCain.

He just couldn’t wait a day or two. He had to come out and damage the former Republican administration today.

That ought to get him a few invites on the cable shows this weekend.
…Maybe even an invite to the White House.
Thanks John.


UPDATE: Funny, just one year ago McCain reportedly supported the use of harsh interrogation tactics by voting against a bill that banned the CIA from waterboarding and using other torture tactics in their interrogations. McCain later defended his vote. He has often spoken out against waterboarding.
Hat Tip Tom W.

UPDATE: McCain’s daughter Meghan is following right in her father’s footsteps.

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