Joshua Stanton of One Free Korea Blog Recognized In WSJ

Congrats to blogger Joshua Stanton for being recognized today in the Wall Street Journal. Joshua, the proprietor of One Free Korea, along with several other citizen journalists, are using the internet to help officials map the secretive North Korean regime.

Joshua Stanton, an attorney in Washington who once served in the U.S. military in South Korea, used Google Earth to look for one of the country’s notorious prisons. In early 2007, he read an international news report about a mass escape from Camp 16, which the report mentioned was near the site of a nuclear test conducted the year before.

No pictures of Camp 16 are believed to have been seen outside the country. But Mr. Stanton had pored over defector sketches of it and combed the map for familiar structures. “I realized I had already noticed the guard posts” on Google Earth the previous year for the nuclear test site, he says.

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