Hateful Feminist Gloria Feldt Savages Miss California (Video)

Hateful Leftist and suspect feminist Gloria Feldt came on The O’Reilly Factor tonight to discuss the attacks on Miss California Carrie Prejean.

Feldt opens up by slandering Laura Ingraham saying that Laura had attacked her in the past… This didn’t go over well with Laura who didn’t even know who she was until tonight. Feldt then attacks Miss California’s looks and breast implants.
What a class act.
The “feminist” said attacking Prejean, and evidently her breasts, was “fair game.”

Laura Ingraham let her have it:

Feldt is a liar.
She slandered Laura Ingraham. She then attacked Miss California for her “breast implants paid for by the pageant.”
Feldt said Miss California has “unfortunately become fair game.”
…Including attacks on her breasts?


Nice job Feldt.
You sound as crazy, angry and deranged as Perez Hilton.

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