George W. Bush: Liberator and Environmentalist

One of the worst environmental disasters of the late 20th Century was the destruction of the Iraqi marshes by Saddam Hussein.

George W. Bush restored the Iraqi marshes.
In early 2003, less than 10% of the Mesopotamian Marshlands remained. By early 2004, 40% of the marshlands had been re-flooded. Since the liberation of Iraq the marshes have been restored to over 85% of their former glory.

A photogragh in 1977 of the marshlands before Saddam drained the land of water. (Nik Wheeler)
George W. Bush not only liberated 50 million people from two of the most brutal regimes in history, he also brought life back to the Iraqi marshes.

But, that’s not all.
The EPA’s latest report shows that air pollution levels in every category fell from 2001 to 2007.
Sacrates’s Academy reported, via Free Republic:

The latest findings are significant because they stand in sharp contrast to a refrain among some environmental campaigners and the media that air pollution is getting worse, and to the assertion that the Bush administration was “rolling back” the Clean Air Act. Final data for 2008 won’t be available for several months, but the EPA’s latest report shows that air pollution levels in every category fell from 2001 to 2007; moreover, air pollution levels in most categories fell at a faster rate than during the first seven years of the Clinton Administration.

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