Feds Bust 4 in "Domestic Contingency Operation" –Were Planning Massive "Man-Caused Disaster"

4 Islamists were busted today by federal agents in New York.
The Islamists were planning a massive attack (man-caused disaster) in the US before they were busted by the feds (domestic contingency operation).

Suspect is brought in by FBI agents tonight. (NY Post)

Atlas has the latest:

American-born jailhouse converts to Islam hell bent on blowing up two Bronx synagogues and shooting down a military plane have been arrested following a massive, year-long investigation,sources told the NY Post.

NY TIMES: The charges, which include conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction in the United States and conspiracy to acquire and use anti-aircraft missiles, represent some of the most significant allegations of domestic terrorism in some time. They come months into a new presidential administration, and as President Obama grapples with the question of how to handle detainees at the Guantánamo naval base in Cuba.

Though Mr. Cromitie, who is described as the lead defendant, is said to have told an F.B.I. informer that he had ties with Jaish-e-Muhammad, a jihadist group based in Pakistan, none of the defendants actually obtained weapons of mass destruction, according to the authorities.

The terrorists were reportedly upset over the War in Afghanistan— So they planned to bomb Jewish synagogues?


Related… A terror suspect who once dined with Osama bin Laden pleaded guilty today of conspiring to help Al-Qaeda.

UPDATE: The nutroots are already blaming the feds.

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