Face It Harry, This War Is Lost… Only 1/3 of Nevadans Would Vote Again For Reid

Face it, Harry.
This war is lost:

Only one-third of Nevadans would vote for white-flag-waver Harry Reid if the election were held today.
The Patriot Room reported, via LGF:

Nearly half of Nevadans have had enough of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid as the powerful Democrat heads into his re-election campaign, a new Las Vegas Review-Journal poll finds.

About a third of the state’s voters would re-elect Reid if the 2010 election were held today, according to the poll, but 45 percent say they would definitely vote to replace him. Seventeen percent would consider another candidate.

The findings are echoed by another poll question about Reid’s popularity that finds the four-term incumbent to be a polarizing figure in his home state.

Half of Nevada voters had an unfavorable view of Reid, while 38 percent had a favorable view and 11 percent a neutral opinion.

It looks like Reid is going the way of Speaker Pelosi.

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