Death of GOP Greatly Exaggerated (Video)

The GOP decided today not to officially label the democratic socialists the Democratic Socialist Party.
It’s just as well.

Americans are starting to catch on to the absolute economic destruction of the last 100+ days.
Even in California the voters rejected the democratic platform of tax and spend this week.

And, as reported yesterday, it’s even starting to show up in the latest polls.
The Grapevine reported:

Here’s the transcript:


Elephant Extinction

Some in the media believe the Republican Party is washed up and dying. Leslie Savan wrote in The Nation earlier this month: “What sort of psychological bent would lead people to want to be part of a dead-end political party like the GOP has become?”

But, a new Gallup poll from May 7 – 10 shows it’s not quite that bad for the GOP. Thirty-two percent of participants in the survey identified themselves as Republicans, 32 percent as Democrats, and 34 percent Independents. And if you include Independent “leaners,” Republicans and Democrats are also tied at 45 percent between May 7 – 10.

Compared to last month, from April 20 — 21, Republican Party identification has risen five percentage points while Democrats have fallen four. With “leaners” included, the GOP gained six and Democrats lost five.

Despite the best efforts of the hopenchange media to prop up the unicorn rider, this was going to happen sooner or later. You just can’t hide the truth forever.

UPDATE: A Pew Poll released this week suggested that the public recently has rejected the GOP for poor performance, not because it disagrees with the party’s positions on key issues.

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